Lucy Sayre House


First Floor 1,274 SF | Second Floor 768 SF
Garage 576 SF | Total Living Space 2,042 SF

The Lucy Sayre House is from a later period (1830-1870) when the Greek Revival movement was a predominant style of the day. The style was ubiquitous in its use for stately classical public buildings while a simpler version was used for the common man building a somewhat simpler structure for a family home. The Lucy Sayre is a style we call Greek Revival farmhouse, and it can be found throughout New England in just about any town or village and is also found in the Midwest as that frontier was being built during the Greek Revival era. Its story and a half configuration and its heavy trim that looks like major structural elements rather than the adornments that they are, yields a configuration that is most pleasing, and gives a sense of stability and endurance to the structure.

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